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(Mar 27, 2011)
Hey guys how are you??? :D Everything is fine!! :D Hoper to see you online someday! Take care! :D
(Feb 25, 2011)
OMG man baj i saw ur video 57k thats sick
(Feb 19, 2011)
Hey Cy, do you think I could log onto Ellipses occasionally to play as a lock? Would really appreciate it!
(Feb 11, 2011)
Glad to see you back man!:D
(Feb 09, 2011)
Ill be online now so ill be helping new guildies so dont worry about guild!! :D
(Feb 09, 2011)
btw im Darkthir!! I really miss you all!! Baj u are not a beast u are a monster!! And I miss the pffft guy (palth) :P
(Feb 09, 2011)
I miss you guys!!!
(Feb 05, 2011)
So go check out some videos!:D 700 subs now heheh:)
(Feb 04, 2011)
yeh we heard so much about the great warrior but hearing isnt enough
(Jan 30, 2011)
what can say baj. you're a star:)) and you really must pop truwow. guilds kinda been rebuilt but still missing you guys
(Jan 29, 2011)
Woot 400 subscribers on my Youtube channel :D
(Jan 25, 2011)
Happy Winter-een-mas everyone.
(Jan 18, 2011)
(Jan 18, 2011)
just wait till i get 4 more lvls:P:P
(Jan 18, 2011)
i just want to say verd best player ever on truwow
(Jan 15, 2011)
I like the sound of that Verd:D
(Jan 15, 2011)
finally reached 85 last night, so I'll have a little more time to bounce back and forth. I'll be on this weekend.
(Jan 14, 2011)
(Jan 14, 2011)
would be so cool if we could arange a weekend for eg when we all go on truwow just to run peeps through heroics or kara or something.ffs we have palth tank cyl heal baj being baj, me being sexy and white being a beast...
(Jan 14, 2011)
guys. you wouldn't believe how many active members we have now. mostly due to torchh. but many are new peeps. we need guidence from experience playerss