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(Nov 16, 2012)
Would have been good if everyone had kept in touch via this website, if anyone is still around where have most of you set up home now after Tru-WoW was shut down? Finding it hard to recreate the days i had with Infinity.
(Sep 28, 2012)
Was considering joining you on the new site and transferring to US from EU but unfortunately that can't be done unless i basically re-purchase everything, sucks!
(Sep 24, 2012)
Palth and I have just started a guild on Illidan (transferred from Darkspear). Just launched a website for it, so feel free to hit us up on as we'll be checking it more frequently than here. We could use a guild gangsta.
(Sep 24, 2012)
Palth and I are active on Illidan-Horde, and have inactive Alliance toons on Darkspear. Baj has become a bit of a celebrity and is doing his own thing. His main is on Darkspear, but I believe he has toons on KT and Illidan as well.
(Sep 23, 2012)
sup guild, so cyl, pal and Baj are on retail... what servers are you guys in? Im in sargeras but we can still do stuff with the cross realm and battle name tag... 85 hunter burks as usual... miss u guys for real, the guild and stuff... peace yall
(Sep 05, 2012)
I haven't bothered, don't think i can bring myself to go through all that fuss again.
(Aug 27, 2012)
Catching up on some of the Tru-WoW news. You guys end up making the move to
(Aug 05, 2012)
So what's happened to Tru-WoW? Went to log on and it won't work, even the site is down.
(May 10, 2012)
como rntrano jogo
(Feb 24, 2012)
Going well. Palth and I are still playing together on Darkspear. Been on retail for about 14 months now. Working on my 5th 85. All about the PvP.
(Feb 17, 2012)
I've been on and off retail otherwise yeah things are alright, just got back from Florida. How's it going on retail?
(Feb 10, 2012)
Been busy on retail myself. Haven't jumped on TruWoW for almost a year now. How are things Ben?
(Jan 29, 2012)
Woah... Not liking how quiet things seem on here now! :/
(Jul 07, 2011)
hello everyone this is Burak lvl 62 priest. see you at the game :))
(Jul 07, 2011)
howdy guys, i know its been a while since ive logged on.. i shall restart WoW in a months time :D
(Jul 07, 2011)
howdy guys, i know its been a while since ive logged on.. i shall restart WoW in a months time :D
(Apr 09, 2011)
1 pm server time hope ull be there
(Apr 09, 2011)
^^ cant wait to play sum twink bg's again
(Apr 09, 2011)
Hey Cylarus Holycohen here :)
(Apr 08, 2011)
heyyy alll this is a msg from verd and infinity this weekend at 1pm server time u can find twink bgs and it would be cool if all of u guys came:D