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(Jun 13, 2015)
I was wondering if that was the same Bajheera we knew! Come on boss, round them up and get them on Nostalrius ;)
(Jun 11, 2015)
That's about it though. See Semirhage pop onto once in awhile. Ran into a few old guildies from the BurningWoW days about a year ago.
(Jun 11, 2015)
Still in regular contact with Palthos on retail. Bajheera too one in awhile, but he's pretty tied to retail with his streaming.
(Jun 10, 2015)
You still in touch with any of the old lot? Shame they don't pop on the website every now and then. I still speak to Elef sometimes on Facebook but lost contact with everyone else.
(Jun 09, 2015)
Might give it a go once things slow down for me in a couple of weeks.
(Jun 06, 2015)
The community sucks, quite vile, but there are some decent people around. There's a big twink community as well. If you find yourself there, my char name is Benjani.
(Jun 06, 2015)
It's going alright so far... Level 32 Mage, everything is so much better than retail (an actual challenge). Population is huge (6-9k so far) and there are few bugs (obviously there are some though...)
(May 28, 2015)
I'm giving Nostalrius a go (Vanilla). I still prefer TBC but this'll keep me going for now! Level 21 so far, forgot how much harder things were! So much better this way.
(May 06, 2015)
See a few of my twinks in those pics. Couple of Palth's too. Good times.
(May 06, 2015)
Was browsing through the TruWoW section on the Croggesserver forum, a nostalgia thread, some guy posted some screenshots of twink battles and I'm sure one of your twinks was in his party on the picture!
(May 06, 2015)
Heh I remember all that, quite gutted I never got involved with all the twink stuff. Yeah progress is slow on corecraft but fingers crossed. I've also heard positive things about Dalaran WoW, might have to investigate!
(May 06, 2015)
Apparently I've missed running Uldaman 800 times for twink gear (and not getting it), since that seems to be what I dislike about Warmane (gear for vote points). I'm sure there's a name for whatever disorder I have.
(May 06, 2015)
Most of what I've read points to Dalaran WoW being one of the better privates in terms of stability/functionality and community. Might give it a look this weekend. Definitely want to avoid pay to win type realms where possible.
(May 06, 2015)
I'm not holding my breath for Corecraft. Great idea, but I think summer 2016 is even optimistic. Warmane has a large population, and bugs are better than they used to be, but it's far from great.
(May 05, 2015)
Still holding out for Corecraft, really looking forward to starting up on there when it's released. Was going to try Croggesserver because it has the TruWow database implemented but the population seems horrendous!
(Apr 16, 2015)
Seems to be a somewhat active twink community on Molten/Warmane. Just getting built back up after their server meltdown earlier in the year, but I'm thinking about checking them on out anyone is interested.
(Dec 15, 2014)
Should try to get some cross-realm stuff going for those on US realms, for old time's sake. Definitely should get all of us together on a private server for a reunion one of these days.
(Dec 15, 2014)
Sup Burks. Miss you as well man. Going to push my first alliance alt to 100 this week.
(Dec 13, 2014)
Whats up fam, Burks da midget spreading the love to all of you guys, palth, cyl, elef, sam if you guys read this much love miss the old time with the best guild ever! Devoreous Sargeras
(Jul 08, 2014)
Yeah I can't seem to stick to one realm either! Would love to keep in touch with you guys through Facebook/twitter, chuck me a message if you want.