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Guild Charter
Infinity is a casual PVE/PVP/Raiding guild that focuses on having fun. We are a guild for people to kick back in, and find other fun people to accompany them in their journey through the World of Warcraft.

We are not looking for the glory hounds of the server; we do not feel the need to prove anything to anyone with "phat loots" and bosses killed. It is not our style. We do not r0XoR n00bz oMg wtf BBQ! That said, many of our guildies have years of WoW experience, on many servers, and in many playing environments (PvP, PvE, RP). While we're not out to prove we're the best at everything, we're pretty damn good.

Infinity strongly discourages its members from knowingly exploiting bugs and hacks to provide players with an unfair advantage in either PVP or PVE situations. Non-compliance may result in your removal from the guild. For more information about the guilds rules and regulations, please read out Code of Conduct.

Again just to be clear: Infinity is a CASUAL guild, and by casual we mean we do NOT raid 5 nights a week, that the schedule can change due to unforeseen issues, we care much more for the well being of our players and their families over the content in this game. There can, and will be down time and you may actually have to occasionally entertain yourselves. We clearly state who we are and who we are not. Our objective is to maintain a community that values fun above all other aspects of the game.

Code of Conduct

We know, we hate rules too. It would be great if everyone around us shared the same value system as we do and the world lived in complete bliss. Fact is that if you are going to have a large gathering of people, you need to have some really basic rules and policies in place.

First and foremost, all Infinity guild members must act in accordance with the Tru-WoW rules at all times. They can be found here:

Cheating - Infinity strongly discourages its members from knowingly exploiting bugs and hacks to provide players with an unfair advantage in either PVP or PVE situations. Non-compliance will result in your removal from the guild. Ignorance will never be a good enough excuse. If you run into something in the game that seems a little odd, discuss it with guild officers and review the Tru-WoW forums before abusing a possible exploit or hack. More than anything, use common sense. Blizzard spends millions of dollars every year maintaining and balancing gameplay. If something feels like it's giving you an unfair advantage, check first.

- Do not ask strangers for free goods, services or money. It is annoying, uncool, and it tarnishes the guild as a whole. It will not be tolerated, and believe me, we will find out.

Guild Resources - Our guild is pretty generous. We don't sell items, we give them. We keep our guild vault stocked up fairly well, and we're always sharing our resources for the bettering of the guild as a whole. Don't take advantage of this. Do not remove items that you can't use for the purpose of giving it to someone else, selling it, stashing it, or whatever. If you can't use an item immediately, or at your next level, don't take it. Guild officers will be monitoring the vault logs regularly, and will not hesitate to remove those that would take advantage of our generosity. Guild vault privileges are determined by rank. If you've met your quota for the day, don't use an alternate character to withdraw an item that can't be used by the character making the withdrawal. If you are at your limit for the day and absolutely need something from the vault, simply speak to an officer and make your case. As long as it makes sense, any officer will me more than willing to withdraw the item and send it your way.

Begging from Guildies - As far as asking guild members for money, there are certain situations in which that might happen, but guild members and management are not obligated to provide free money to its members at any point. The economy of this game is such that there is no reason anyone should need money from the guild. I would recommend that you simply don't ask for money, but in the event that you do, and the answer is no, don't ask again.

Ninja Looting - There will never, ever, ever be any excuse for this that won’t get you immediately booted from the guild. I can not emphasize this enough. It doesn’t matter if the party you are in is full of Ninja looting players who took all your stuff and killed your pet panda. Infinity does not Ninja! For more information on Ninja Looting, go here:

Language Filter Dodging – The game has a language filter in place for a reason. It's in place to protect people that don't want to be subjected to offensive language. Most people have the filter disabled through their game preferences, so if you're going to curse and swear (I recommend you don't) at least use the words as intended. Forcing people that have their language filter enabled to see your vulgarity by altering the spelling of the word, adding spaces or punctuation between the letters, etc. is completely disrespectful, and will be acted on if the behaviour continues.

Antisocial (asshole) Behavior – (Updated / Must Read) From this day forward, Infinity will not tolerate immaturity like it has in the past. It's common sense, but people in the past have seemed to lack that. Simply put, don't be a dick.

Don’t take advantage of inexperienced players, in and out of the guild. Don't go out of your way to ruin other people's gameplay just so you get a few laughs. This includes things like ganking lowbies, corpse camping, etc. There are no specific server rules prohibiting the two mentioned behaviors, however this is a guild standard that will be enforced. The irony is that it's always the immature assholes that participate in this type of activity that are the first to complain, demand help, whine, and bitch when it's happening to them.

Don’t proselytize your religion or your politics, if you are on a mission to convert the unbelievers to Cathulu or Ralph Nader, find another guild. Do not participate in the constant immaturity that dominates the global chat and trade channels. Use those channels for their intended purposes. While we understand that it's a competitive game, and that a certain amount of trash talking, especially directed at the opposing faction is only natural, we expect you to keep it in good taste. Avoid using derogatory comments, “gay,” “fag,” “nigger,” and such. If you really hate homosexuals, women or people of ethnicity, we don’t need or want you here.

Anything that reflects badly on the guild will not be tolerated. I realize many of you may be young and are used to dealing with people your own age. We appreciate players of all ages here and you will be not be judged by your age, but your maturity, so be cool and respect people. If you're asked to tone things down, do it. Guild officers won't ask again.

Most of this is common sense folks. Stop. Think. If you have questions about conduct, or witness guild members knowingly violating these standards of conduct, please discuss the matter with a guild officer.