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9/25 - KARAZHAN @ 11:00 am Server Time

Hey guys, As some of you may know, we're planning on raiding Karazhan this Saturday at 11:00 am server time. For everyone who wanted more guild PvE, now is your chance to be part of it! Again, we've got quite a few experienced and well-geared play...
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Weekend Premades With iNfinity (WePWN)

Hey Guildmates!As a Champion of Infinity, I have the really cool opportunity to organize events for us to participate in as a guild. As you may have heard, PvP is easily my favorite part of WoW and it is even better when I go into battle with Infi...
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Drunken Gnome Darts

Event Time: 4pm (server time)Prizes: 3x 150g game prizes, plus a 100g bonus prize for the most cleverly named gnome (as chosen by me)Just like he headline says, we're going to be playing darts, but instead of using darts, we're going to use drunke...
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