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It is awesome to start with an Orc Hunter because of the increased Pet damage racial, this is only cool if you are Beast Mastery Hunter.

It is great because Dwarves have increased Gun Expertise racial, so they start with Guns, and most likely end up with Guns, and expertise is effective agaisnt Rogues and Survival Hunters.

It is very awesome to start a Troll because they have increased damage and expertise with Bows racial. Same as the dwarves really but the difference is because it's with bow. So that's why they start with Bows and should end up with Bows. Also cool because they have good starting Agility and Hunters need Agility.

Night Elf
Perfect for Survival Hunters only. Fits great with the Dodge bonus and the Shadowmeld ability. A hunter will die hardly in a battle if he's a skilled Survivor.
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