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#3103465 Aug 31, 2010 at 05:06 PM
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Quest Helper
This helpful addon is perfect for leveling because it shows you where all your quest locations are and shows you what/who you need to kill/take/talk with. It's also perfect because it tracks your information on your quests, and most importantly stacks with the Cartographer addon.
Download Here.

This is also a helpful addon because it reveals the map of all regions in Azeroth and Outland. All the regions will be explored like you've been there. It stacks with the Quest Helper too.
Download Here

Thanks on feedback, and if you also have some helpful addons for 2.4.3, feel free to post them here.
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#3103742 Aug 31, 2010 at 06:11 PM
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Here's an addon pack that I've thrown together for people in the past. Doesn't include any class specific addons, but definitely some general use addons that are must haves.

!BugGrabber - Stops the spam of addon generated errors. None of the addons I've included in the pack should be giving you errors, but if you do have addons that are, try this.

Align - This is an addon you won't always have running, but it's perfect for getting your UI setup and looking clean. Basically, it creates a grid overly that you can use to line all your custom UI stuff up.

Atlas/Atlas Loot Enhanced - The best source of dungeon/raid information available. Includes full loot tables, dungeon maps, crafting lists, pvp rewards, and much more. Don't even think about not installing this one.

Bagnon - A sweet addon for combining all of your bags into a single, searchable, easy to use stash. It also allows you to access inventories for any characters on the same account.

Bongos - My favourite action bar addon.

Gatherer - Tracks mining nodes, herbs, etc. Also shares info with other guild members that also have this addon.

Grid - A great party/raid frame addon. For those healers out there that aren't using Healbot, I recommend combining this with Clique (not included in this pack) for all instance/raid healing.

Group Calendar - In game guild calendar used to schedule events, raids, etc.

Healbot - A wonderful tool for healers. It's healing, made easy.

Loot Filter - If you tend to do a fair bit of farming, and don't feel like making trips back to a vendor to sell trash, this is a great tool. Setup filters, and auto-loot everything. The addon will automatically delete anything you don't want.

MobMap - Not as in-you-face as quest helper or carbonite, but provides almost as much information. Includes vendor tables, profession info, drop rates, etc.

Omen - Threat meter. A must have for raids.

Outfitter - A great addon for swapping gear. Can also set triggers for automatic gear swapping.

Pitbull - A little overwhelming to setup for the first time, but well worth the trouble. Very slick unit frames that can do anything you want. Everything is customizable.

Prat - Chat addon. Adds chat features like timestamping, logging, and much more.

Recount - Damage meter. Not a necessity, but great for the e-peen.

Titan Panal (with CritLine) - A wonder, unobtrusive UI addon that allows you to display all sorts of information. CritLine keeps track of your damage/heal records.


There are many other addons I would recommend that aren't in this pack, but most of them are class specific, or have very niche uses. I'll eventually add some to this list, or include them in the class forums.

To download this pack, CLICK HERE
#3105140 Sep 01, 2010 at 01:03 AM
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I'll check em out, thanks.
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#3303754 Oct 10, 2010 at 02:04 PM
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Here's the titan panel for Baj, including critline.

#3305067 Oct 10, 2010 at 08:40 PM
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Downloaded. Thanks again Cy. I'll talk to you in-game about how it works.
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