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  Benathor: Morghaan the Druid, Kazoinks the Shaman, Palthos the paladin, Rictor... the warrior I think? Will never forget the fun I had with all you guys
  Benathor: Scrimnet, or Scrimina... always going to be thankful for them being the one to invite me to the guild while I was questing in Redridge
  Benathor: Pegith and his crazy stories, he worked at maccies right? Verdantis was awesome, for some reason I remember her telling me a story about cheese, so I sent her cheese in the in game mail
  Benathor: That list of past members brings back memories. Synman and maraa, think I’ve still got the picture they made me on the old forum with my name and mage in casting a fireball
  Benathor: The guild are really pushing for 70, one of the guys got the server first earlier tonight all by dungeon spamming. But I don’t like this rushing mentality, so I’m still level 60 and casually questing
  Benathor: Paid £80 for shadowlands, thought I’d put a lot of time into it, but ended up sticking with classic. We migrated to a PVE realm (well half the guild) cause of the griefing meta on PvP these days
  Cylarus: The announcement has me thinking about resubbing early. Maybe give Shadownlands leveling a go on each faction, and maybe get at least one classic character at cap to transfer.
  Cylarus: Still, wouldn't mind reliving some of the raid content more casually.
  Cylarus: Means the twink community, which I probably have more interest in that endgame might have a permanent home that won't get blown up when/if a new expansion drops.
  Cylarus: Looks like they're not forcing classic players to progress, so I expect they'll do the same with TBC in a few years if they release WotLK.
  Cylarus: Didn't finish BFA either, and for the first time since jumping to retail for Cata, didn't resub for the new expansion. That being said, there's a couple things I am encouraged by, aside from the idea of getting the band back together.
  Cylarus: I'm kind of excited by the announcement, though it's worth noting that I was excited about classic and didn't stick with it long enough to cap a single toon.
  Benathor: So TBC announced, would be an absolute dream to play it with this guild again. Just a shame no one swings by the website! Going to main a mage again, though the debate is fire or arcane
  Cylarus: Wooo. Grats man.
  Benathor: And we have now cleared Naxx! Bring on TBC again!
  Benathor: Yeah I was the same until a friend started playing more and invited me into a raiding guild. Crazy how it is now though, needing discord to sign up for the raids etc. Also promoted to part of the core raiding team so must be doing something right!
  Cylarus: I didn't stick with classic too long. Was mostly enjoying it, but just didn't seem to stick at the time. Been thinking about getting back into it.
  Benathor: Spoke to Elef the other day, I was moaning about having to spec frost and miss my soggy fireballs :(
  Benathor: I’m on EU server Mograine, been grinding classic and enjoying! In a decent raiding guild but still doesn’t even compare to Infinity <3 hope you’re all ok and safe during these crazy times
  Cylarus: Palthos and I have toons going on Sulfuras Alliance if anyone is interested in joining. Both playing super casual for now.
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Guild History

With the recent announcement of TBC Classic, I thought I’d add a quick blurb here, more for the sake of search terms that might help old guildies reconnect after more than a decade than anything else. Crazy how time flies.

If you were a part of the crew back in the day, give us a shout and let us know how you’ve been. We’d love to hear from you.



Infinity was originally founded in October 2007 on the Burning WoW realm Bloodmyst. When Burning WoW was shut down in late 2008, the guild and most of its members started fresh on the Darkwolf realm on Tru-Wow. We called Tru-Wow home until 2011 when it too was eventually shut down.

Some members made the jump to retail in 2010/2011 and kept in touch for a little while, but it was never the same.

Past Members

It’d be impossible for me to list off every member from back in the day. There were a bunch of you over the years, and my memory isn’t what it used to be. That being said, I want to take the opportunity to shout out a few members that were either part of guild leadership, with us for the long haul, or were just super memorable personalities that people might be looking to track down. Trying to pad those search terms too. If you’re not on the list, you’re still awesome. Hit me up and tell me what a bad GM I am/was.

Here we go:

Aid, Annarki, Aodhan, Bajheera, Benathor, Burks, Cindel, Cylarus, Destructess, Deuce, Elef, Ferrius, Firste, Jeebus, Kazoinks, Lykas, Mandrodd, Maraa, Meroku, Morghaan, Palthos, Pegith, Rictor, Sadeh, Sam, Scrimnet, Semirhage, Solsworn, Synman, Verdantis, Whitelight, Xekmop, Xthandra